Art of sous vide cooking now possible at home

Friday, 19 October 2012 in Breville

Art of sous vide cooking now possible at home

A cooking technique that’s popular in most of the world’s top restaurant kitchens will be more accessible to the home chef with the launch of the Breville\Sous Vide Supreme (BSV600). Originating from France in the 1970s, the term ‘sous vide’ (pronounced “Soo Veed”) literally translates to ‘under vacuum’. The gentle cooking method involves placing vacuum sealed meats, seafood, vegetables or fruit into a water bath at a precisely controlled temperature for unparalleled succulence and mouthwatering tenderness. For the perfect presentation simply sear quickly before plating up.

Particularly useful for cooking meats and seafood, for which the window of proper ‘doneness’ is very small when traditional methods are used, sous vide has been heralded as a revolution in the kitchen. Sous vide cooking ensures every part of the food is cooked to individual preference – for example, rare, medium or well done in the case of red meats. Precise temperature control with 0.5°Celsius tolerance prevents overcooking and the pouches keep all the natural nutrients, juices and aromas within the food.

“With the rise of the celebrity chef and television cooking shows both here and abroad, home cooks have become more familiar and intrigued with this relatively new form of cooking,” says Breville cooking category manager, Sharon Lenzner. “Sous vide can achieve the kind of edge-to-edge perfection, on a salmon fillet for example, which cannot be replicated with pan frying or oven baking. The technique is perfect for marinating and adding aromatics to intensify flavours, and breaks down tough connective tissue to gelatin, resulting in succulent, tender and moist meats. It can be used for both premium and the increasingly popular secondary cuts of meat.”

Foods suited to sous vide cooking:

• Meat - beef, veal, lamb, pork and game
• Poultry - chicken, duck and turkey
• Seafood - fish, prawns, squid and scallops
• Eggs – for softly poached and hard cooked
• Vegetables - beetroot, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli (to name a few)
• Fruit – softly poached
• Custards, sauces, infusions, risotto

The 11 litre Breville\Sous Vide Supreme machine allows the water temperature to be monitored and displayed for precise cooking. Lights illuminate when the machine is heating and the temperature is ready, and a timer function allows users to cook with confidence.

To ensure even cooking results a removable grill and rack system sits within the stainless steel vessel. This helps to keep food pouches still within the water bath, with three different positions available to accommodate a variety of portion sizes.

For easy filling and emptying the Breville\Sous Vide Supreme features insulated side handles and a removable lid and insulating pad.

Breville\Sous Vide Supreme (BSV600) $799.95 rrp – includes recipe book and online ‘how to’ video
Bonus Breville Fresh Keeper (BVP700) vacuum sealer $129.95 rrp – included with Breville\Sous Vide Supreme for a limited time

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