At home, work or play – glamorous interiors just a light switch away

Friday, 02 March 2012 in HPM Legrand

At home, work or play – glamorous interiors just a light switch away

Replicating the glamorous look of a favourite restaurant or bar at home is not only highly desirable but also achievable.

According to author and interior stylist Sibella Court, people are drawing creative inspiration for their own homes from glamorous commercial venues.  And, on the other side of the coin, interior designers are looking to the home to include personal touches in a commercial environment.

“When people go out, they relish a touch of fantasy. What people are realising now is having a little of that fantasy at home is important. It helps us escape the rigours of work and the mundanity of daily routines,” Court said.

Court, who has styled for magazines all over the world, designs commercial interiors for the Merivale Group, proprietor of renowned pubs, clubs, and bars in Sydney, believes that glamorous interiors can be achieved with something as simple as beautiful light switches.

“The quality of a range like Arteor means that you don’t have to hide your light switches anymore – they can be proudly displayed like other designer pieces. They’re like the Carrie Bradshaw of light switches. 

“Each switch is a beautiful piece that has been meticulously designed. The beveled edges, for example, create a tricky visual effect where the switch appears to float in space – all of these things are very important to achieving something special and out of the ordinary.”

Maximising versatility and individuality, Arteor features a diverse range of colours, materials, patterns and 17 exclusive finishes - including exotic stingray leather (Galuchat), light and dark timbers, or classic woven metal.

“Such exquisite materials will automatically inject a sense of glamour and whimsy. You don’t have to spend a million dollars,” Sibella said, adding just like gorgeous jewellery, a chic clutch purse, or to-die-for heels can transform a simple dress into a showstopper, Arteor can transform spaces and echo the ambience of sultry nights spent lingering in the bars of Paris, Monte Carlo or Buenos Aires.

The Arteor range by French-owned Legrand covers the full spectrum of electrical accessories – from conventional switches and powerpoints through to home automation systems. The coverplates are interchangeable and can easily be replaced when refreshing interior themes.

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