Create tasty treats in minutes with the Kambrook QuikSnaks range

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 in Kambrook

Create tasty treats in minutes with the Kambrook QuikSnaks range

With people always on the go and too busy to slave over the stove all day, new ways to cook quick and easy snacks are always welcome. Kambrook has just introduced the QuikSnaks range of small appliances. Designed with hectic schedules in mind, it produces quick, easy and delicious snacks in minutes to help refuel on the go.

The Kambrook QuikSnaks Toastie Maker is designed to make two sandwiches in five minutes and with the easy cut divider, it guarantees perfect tasty toasties every time. It's so easy to clean and store, it's convenient to use everyday.

The Kambrook QuikSnaks Crepe Maker can be used to cook up a delicious crepe for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With the option to make sweet or savoury crepes the sky is the limit. Try it out with favourite fillings or impress friends and family with something a little more adventurous. Making four crepes in eight minutes, one can feed the whole family in no time.

The Kambrook QuikSnaks Pancake Maker ensures no-mess, perfect pancakes time and time again. With so many filling options to try this one is impossible to put away. It makes two pancakes in just two minutes. Add some mixed berries for a great healthy breakfast in seconds.

  • Kambrook QuikSnaks Toastie Maker (KSM1TM) – RRP $29.95
  • Kambrook QuikSnaks Crepe Maker (KSM1CR) – RRP $39.95
  • Kambrook QuikSnaks Pancake Maker (KSM1PA) – RRP $39.95

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