Eureka! Uniden conquers one of the tallest buildings with its new Long Range XDECT Phone

Thursday, 06 October 2011 in Uniden

Eureka! Uniden conquers one of the tallest buildings with its new Long Range XDECT Phone


World leader in cordless phone technology, Uniden, has set the new benchmark in long range cordless phone communication with the launch of the XDECT 80xx Series Phone – so powerful its signal conquered one of the world’s tallest buildings.

Determined to demonstrate that the XDECT 80xx is the only genuine extended long range cordless phone on the market, Uniden put its credentials on the line in a recent range and performance test. Conducted in June 2011, Uniden set up a conference call with one caller stationed on the top level of the iconic Eureka Sky Tower, Melbourne, and another caller at street level – a total distance of 91 storeys. A second test successfully completed a distance of 698 metres, from the top of the skyscraper to Melbourne’s famous Flinders St Station.

Brad Hales, Senior Marketing Executive Uniden Australia, commented on the results “The XDECT 80xx Series performed exceptionally well, recording excellent and full signal strength in both tests – without the use of a repeater system. These results showcase Uniden’s superior XDECT technology, and prove that our cordless phones can deliver quality sound and clarity over longer distances than ever before.

“While the average homeowner may not require their cordless phone to reach these extended distances, the XDECT 80xx Series is ideal for those seeking a solution to phone reception challenges or who desire the flexibility to make calls from anywhere around their home or property without interference.

“The XDECT phone system not only provides exceptional call clarity within the home, but extends to other uses where normal DECT technology is limited, such as on larger properties or commercial uses within warehouses, factories or farms,” he said.

This unprecedented range and performance is achieved through Uniden’s unique Diversity & High Gain Antenna system. This technology effectively eliminates drop out areas by sending out multiple signals and bouncing them off the strongest wireless paths to provide maximum coverage. In comparison, traditional cordless phone systems transmit the one signal only. To extend phone coverage to even longer distances, the XDECT 80xx Series is compatible with a separate Long Range Repeater.

The XDECT 80xx Series comprises of 10 new models, including answering machine and non-answering machine phones as well as a waterproof and dustproof range, which is popular for commercial use and among those living on properties.

The new phones are equipped with a range of innovative features such as repeater station compatibility, headset jack and belt clip for added convenience and portability. The XDECT 80xx is WiFi network friendly which means it won’t interfere with household gadgets, and multi handset capabilites allows users to expand the phone system to up to 12 handsets.

Customers of the XDECT 80xx Series will also receive a bonus repeater inside every package worth $69.95 with answering machine models. Non answering machine phones come with a bonus headset worth $29.95 which is excellent value.

The XDECT 80xx Series is available in leading department stores and electrical retailers. RRP from $69.95

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