Fuji Xerox Printers supports environmental youth competition

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fuji Xerox Printers supports environmental youth competition

The winners of the Cartridge World Ipswich “Switch and Save the Environment of Ipswich” competition were celebrated at an awards ceremony on Monday, August 27.

According to Cartridge World QLD Master Franchisor, David Smith, the competition, which celebrates Cartridge World Ipswich’s 10th birthday and ongoing commitment to reducing local landfill space, was to bring together fellow environmentally conscious citizens including students, parents and friends, P & C’s, teachers and lecturers and the broader Ipswich community. He said Cartridge World is an environmental friendly and conscious company which believes strongly in its motto - “reduce, reuse and recycle”.

“We try to educate by example and Annette in our Ipswich store is a great example of that. She and her staff are very much involved in the community and this competition is just one example of a great initiative from her and her team”.

Sponsored by Fuji Xerox Printers, students from primary, secondary and tertiary levels were asked to enter their suggestions on how they would save landfill space in Ipswich.
The student with the best 150 word response from each category was awarded an iPad, presented by Ipswich Mayor, The Honourable Cr Paul Pisasale, and the school or tertiary institution they attend will receive up to $3000 of new office printing equipment, including a ColorQube 8570 printer, a spare set of solid ink cartridges and five boxes of recycled paper - thanks to Fuji Xerox Printers.

The winners included:
• Primary Entry Winner: Nicolas May from Amberley District State School; who suggested “we need to pick up rubbish when we see it. We can also turn it into building materials. For example, if there is a tyre we can make a building’s footings with rubber. Building with rubber foundations also helps to make the building more secure in earthquake areas because the building will wobble rather than fall down”.
• Secondary Entry Winner: Jayden Vines from Bremer State High School; who suggested “all cartridges should be sent back to be refilled or to Cartridge World. Use the material shopping bags instead of having plastic or paper bags. Use recycle bins properly and recycle all paper and waste correctly. Compost our food scraps, use compost bins or a worm farm”.
• Tertiary Entry Winner: Nikki Parker from The University of Southern Queensland; who suggested “it is in the best interests of our environment, our community and our children’s future to reduce landfill. Increasing the life of products, reducing our own consumption and purchasing products with less packaging are all ways we can decrease landfill. Everything which is capable of recycling should be recycled, both in home and by Ipswich industries”.

Fuji Xerox Channel Manager Queensland, Amanda Walters said they were thrilled to be part of the promotion which “not only supports the community of Ipswich and local schools but also helps to educate its youth on the importance of recycling”.

“Fuji Xerox has a strong commitment to the environment and has always looked to utilise innovative technology that enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Our ColorCube printer generates up to 90 percent less printing waste than comparable colour laser printers through the use of revolutionary new solid ink. This ink is easier to use, with no cartridges to load and unload and no mess. This ink is also much kinder on the environment because it requires far less packaging than conventional supplies.”

The competition, which ran from July 24 to August 14 saw students from across 28 schools, TAFE and universities enter. It was judged by Ipswich Mayor, The Honourable Cr Paul Pisasale, Amanda Walters and Elaine O’Donnell from Fuji Xerox Printers, Cartridge World Ipswich Director Annette Jones, Cartridge World QLD Master Franchisor David Smith, Thiess Services General Manager of Waste Management Peter King and Yvonne Gardiner from the Ipswich Advertiser.