Fuji Xerox develops an enterprise class print A3 monochrome laser printer

Friday, 02 December 2011

Fuji Xerox develops an enterprise class print A3 monochrome laser printer

Fuji Xerox Printers has announced the release of the DocuPrint 3105, an A3 monochrome laser printer targeted at small to medium businesses (SMBs) that demand high performance printing. This new device brings enterprise level features, functionality and innovation to the SMB market at an affordable price point.

The user-friendly DocuPrint 3105 can help SMBs drive time and cost savings while producing quality A3 printouts, combined with A4 print capabilities. The high speed printing, coupled with precision image quality, make this an ideal printing solution for a busy office. The new printer offers the lowest power consumption in its class and boasts unique Fuji Xerox ‘Toner Save’ technology to help reduce toner consumption.

David Borg, General Manager, Fuji Xerox Printers Australia and New Zealand said, “SMB customers are often forced to choose between affordability and performance. Fuji Xerox Printers has addressed the needs of this market with the DocuPrint 3105, offering SMBs enterprise-class A3 and A4 monochrome print functionality in a value-for-money solution.”

Enterprise class features and functionality
The DocuPrint 3105 is engineered to deliver exceptional performance along with the highest print quality. To enhance productivity for time-poor employees, the device operates at one of the highest print speeds in its class, producing up to 32 pages per minute on A4 sheets and up to 17 pages per minute on A3 sheets. The DocuPrint 3105 also offers 1200 x 1200 image quality for SMBs who need to produce sleek business documents. It includes image enhancement processing technology and enables razor-sharp printouts of text and graphics with ultra-high precision, equivalent of 2,400 dpi. All of this functionality is packed into a compact desktop device, designed to save valuable office space.

Reduced environmental impact
SMBs are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact, demanding print solutions that help them to operate in a sustainable manner. With this in mind, the DocuPrint 3105 has been developed with a wide range of environmental features.

The device is the top energy saving printer in its class, offering exceptionally low power consumption in sleep and operating modes. Additionally, Fuji Xerox fuser technology saves energy as well as ensuring a fast first page print out by reducing warm up time. The DocuPrint 3105 also adheres to stringent Energy Star® requirements for reduced power consumption and energy usage.

A unique ‘Toner Save’ feature has also been incorporated into the DocuPrint 3105 to help businesses minimise unnecessary waste. Organisations can choose from four toner levels, picking lighter options to print drafts or internal documents. This enables SMBs to maximise the life of cartridges, saving money as well as reducing resources consumed.

Enhanced productivity and improved user experience
The DocuPrint 3105 has been developed with ease-of-use in mind for SMB users who often operate without IT staff on site. The device is network ready ‘out of the box’ to simplify administration. Consumables are also easy to manage with email notifications alerting administrators to toner and paper shortages. Consumables can be quickly changed by users themselves to minimise lost productivity.

To enhance further productivity, a full stack sensor is incorporated into the printer, to reduce downtime by eliminating paper jams caused by excessive amounts of paper in output trays.

Robust security for sensitive business information
All businesses house sensitive corporate data that needs to remain secure, including intellectual property, financial documents and HR records. With this in mind, the DocuPrint 3105 offers robust security features to help organisations protect confidential business information. These include a Secure Print function which temporarily holds documents in a queue on the hard disk drive until the appropriate job owner enters a pin number at the control panel. As an additional security measure the printer encrypts data stored on the hard drive and sent over the network. The device also includes a disk overwrite system, enabling administrators to clear data remaining in the device memory after printing is complete.

The Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3105 is available now through authorised channel partners and resellers at the recommended retail price of AU$1318.90 including GST.

For further information visit www.fujixeroxprinters.com.au or phone 1300 793 769.