Identify visitors at the touch of a button with Uniden DoorGuard

Thursday, 25 October 2012 in Uniden

Identify visitors at the touch of a button with Uniden DoorGuard

Uniden has announced the launch of DoorGuard UWG200, an all-in-one intercom solution.

Designed for households and small businesses, DoorGuard is a combined intercom, doorbell and cordless phone. The system includes an intercom panel and two DECT digital cordless phones, allowing users to speak to visitors at the door or reception area with ease – through the cordless phone system.

DoorGuard is a plug-and-play system for user-friendly set up and use. The battery-operated intercom panel allows for the system to be transferred if the user moves house or changes business locations, and can be mounted to any wall without requiring professional installation. For crystal clear conversations, DoorGuard uses Uniden’s secure digital DECT wireless solution.

“As residential crime rates remain high in many areas around Australia , home owners are becoming more vigilant about who they open their door to,” said Brad Hales, senior national marketing executive, Uniden.

“DoorGuard is ideal for residents who want the ability to speak to their visitors at the touch of a button. It’s particularly useful for apartment blocks and in-home businesses that receive a lot of traffic around their front door. Larger households might also use the system to communicate between the main house, garage or granny flat.”

Uniden DoorGuard UWG200 is available now at leading electrical retail stores nationally.

RRP $129.95

For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see