Kambrook Kitchen Sidekicks lend a hand to home cooks

Thursday, 16 August 2012 in Kambrook

Kambrook Kitchen Sidekicks lend a hand to home cooks

Three new handy food processors from Kambrook are designed to help home cooks create fast, healthy salads and sensational side dishes in minutes, saving valuable time in the kitchen. Known as the Kitchen Sidekicks, these quality processors are the perfect partners for any home kitchen.

The Speed Serve Food Processor offers an easy solution for shredding, slicing and grating, and also comes with a handy blade to make a perfect lump-free mash. This sturdy processor with non-slip feet is a versatile performer allowing upright processing directly into the bowl or is lightweight enough for handheld dispensing right onto the food. The colour coded blades and removable feed chute easily lock into place and then it’s as simple as press and go processing.

The substantial 1.5 litre processing bowl of the Essentials Direct Drive makes this a great appliance for fast processing of larger quantities. Compact in design and footprint, this 550 watt upright processor is still powerful enough to make easy work of chopping, slicing and processing for family meals. The reversible stainless shredding and slicing disc and ‘Pulse’ feature makes this processor the perfect sidekick in any busy kitchen.

The versatile Speed Chute Food Processor, with its in-bowl processing or handy side shoot option, makes continuous processing a breeze. The food pusher easily moves food through the feed chute and allows for constant chopping, slicing and processing. For just that little bit more, the Speed Chute also features a ‘Pulse’ button that enables short bursts of processing power.

The Kambrook Kitchen Sidekicks range is an affordable collection of good quality, highly featured food processors that take the hassle out of preparing meals.


Kambrook Speed Serve Food Processor (KFP60) - $69.95 RRP
Kambrook Essentials Direct Drive (KFP400) - $79.95 RRP
Kambrook Speed Chute Food Processor (KFP200) - $59.95 RRP