Kambrook makes boiling water safer for seniors

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 in Kambrook

Kambrook makes boiling water safer for seniors

No need to lift and pour a heavy boiling kettle any longer. Alternatively, the handy instant stop button can be pressed once the cup is full to help eliminate any chance of spillage making this an easy-to-use and worry free alternative to the kettle.

The Mini-Urn heats water to 98 degrees Celsius in under a minute and holds up to two litres (or eight cups) of water in its reservoir for less refilling.

The wide, clear view water chamber visibly shows how many cups of water remain in the reservoir and the simple one touch pop-up lid means the Mini-Urn is easy to refill.

The Mini-Urn also saves on ever-increasing energy costs by only boiling the amount of water required. The Mini-Urn boils and dispenses only the amount of water selected on the volume control dial, up to 350ml, not all the water in the urn. And as it boils and dispenses water in less than a minute, it is much faster than a conventional kettle. For just $79.95, it is an affordable appliance.

The Kambrook Mini-Urn is a safe and convenient one-cup-at-a time solution for any home.

Kambrook 2 Litre Mini-Urn (KUR200) - $79.95 RRP