Kambrook’s winter heating solutions

Friday, 04 May 2012 in Kambrook

Kambrook’s winter heating solutions

Kambrook’s comprehensive range of winter heating appliances ensures that staying warm this winter is affordable and safe. With a wide selection of both electric heaters and electric blankets to suit all budgets and needs, Kambrook is the smarter choice for winter heating.

Stay snug and warm in bed this winter with Kambrook’s new, easy to use Snugasabug® Fitted King Electric Blanket. Suitable for standard king-sized beds, the King Fitted features three personal heat settings and an extra foot warmth feature for added comfort. With dual detachable controllers and made from quality, machine washable materials and fabrics, the Fitted King is family-friendly and easy to clean. Like all Kambrook electric blankets, the Fitted King incorporates high-quality Japanese components, built-in safety overheat protection and a three year warranty for added peace of mind.

Kambrook’s new Dual Heater combines two great heating elements in one - convection and radiant heat - to deliver maximum results. A multi-purpose heater, the Dual Heater emits convection heat from the top to warm the air in the room and radiant heat from the front panel for instant warmth. The Dual Heater is easy to use and features four heat settings and variable thermostat control. In keeping with Kambrook’s strict safety standards, the Dual Heater also has a safety tip-over cut-out switch and ThermoGuard overheat protection.

Take the chill out of the air with Kambrook’s new Upright Fan Heater. Great for personal heating and smaller rooms, the Upright Fan Heater heats up quickly and uses a fan to circulate warm air around the room. It features two personal heat settings, a fan only setting and variable thermostat for extra control. The Upright Fan Heater is safe to use and includes a safety tip-over cut-out switch and ThermoGuard overheat protection as standard.

Kambrook Snugasabug Fitted King Electric Blanket (KEB442) - $99.95 RRP
Kambrook Dual Heater (KRH300) - $99.95 RRP
Kambrook Upright Fan Heater (KFH310) - $49.95 RRP

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