Legrand introduces revolutionary power system

Friday, 27 July 2012 in HPM Legrand

Legrand introduces revolutionary power system

Legrand has secured the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distribution rights for an innovative new track-based power system. Mainline is a flexible, cost-effective and innovative way of delivering power anywhere. It’s a safe and simple busbar system that once connected to a power supply creates a circuit around a room allowing access to power at any point along its length.

Once the Mainline track has been installed, 240V sockets can simply and safely be added, removed or repositioned as needed. Mainline can be easily integrated into all interiors, including new constructions, renovations and refurbishments. It is the ideal solution for a wide range of commercial settings, including offices, kitchens, retail stores, education facilities, hospitals and health care centres as well as large scale residential projects.

Track can be cut on-site and installed in a fraction of the time taken to fit traditional fixed sockets. It can be installed as part of a ring or as a spur and is extremely durable with copper and recyclable PVC components.

With a number of installation options available, including surface mount, in-trunking and in-wall, Mainline minimises the need for power boards and extension leads in any commercial environment.

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