More delicious summer fun with Zoku

Friday, 19 October 2012 in Hale Imports

More delicious summer fun with Zoku

The popular ice block maker Zoku is returning for summer – and this year it’s very indulgent. With five new single quick pop makers and a chocolate station, cooling down can be selfishly delicious.

Water and fruit juice based ice-blocks can be created in around seven minutes and kids will love the character designs. With 14 stencils to choose from they can make weird and funny faces and patterns to keep in the freezer for an icy treat. Best of all, making Zoku pops at home means ingredients can be controlled so they’re the healthiest, freshest ice-treats on the block. Use fruit juices, cordials, yoghurt, milk and fruit chunks in the Zoku moulds to create a cool summer goody the kid’s friends will be knocking on the door to help with.

For adults craving a delicious and refreshingly cool indulgence, the Zoku quick pop maker lets those with a gourmet flair design creative ice-blocks by flavour layering. Why not put a modern spin on the fondue party and let dinner guests make their own desserts –drizzling pops in chocolate, sprinkles and nuts? Provide platters of ingredients and let imaginations go crazy – or guests can be inspired by one of many mouth-watering ideas in the Zoku recipe book – including chocolate coated cinnamon crunch, rhuberry and caramelised banana coconut – YUM.

Zoku is fun for everyone and can help save on the costs of commercial ice confections and visits to the ice-creamery or milk-bar on hot summer days.

To create a tasty Zoku treat, the quick pop maker is best kept in the freezer (or frozen before use) to cool the non-toxic gel within the sealed container. Then simply pour any chosen ingredients into the non-stick, cast aluminum moulds. The contents will freeze in seven minutes (outside the freezer). The ice block is removed by using the Zoku ‘super tool’ which twists and easily pulls out each ice treat, ready to eat.

The Zoku quick pop maker can be used up to three times before re-freezing is required and the storage unit can hold six ice-blocks. The easy-clean design only needs to be rinsed and dried before it is returned to the freezer.

Each Zoku pop maker comes with sticks, drip guards, a super removal tool and easy to follow instructions.

The Zoku character kit, storage unit and additional accessories are available separately.

Zoku Trio Quick Pop Maker $89.95
Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker $49.95
Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker $39.95
Zoku Chocolate Station $29.95
Zoku Character Kit $24.95
Zoku Storage Case $34.95
Zoku Recipe Book $19.95

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