New induction cooktop designed for modern kitchen makeovers

Friday, 28 October 2011 in Glem

New induction cooktop designed for modern kitchen makeovers

Updating the kitchen with new technology can reinvigorate a passion for cooking. The Glem Induction Hob 60 helps to master modern menus with a sleek design and four zones to multi-task with precision.

Discerning cooks will appreciate the Glem Induction Hob's four cooking zones with sensors that adjust automatically to different pan sizes. All four zones can be used simultaneously at maximum power, reached in a matter of seconds, controlled by a stylish touch panel on the German made ceramic glass surface.

With kitchen safety as a priority, the Glem Induction Hob encourages worry-free cooking. Once a pan is removed from the cooktop's surface, the cooking zone immediately turns off, keeping the family safe and saving energy. It also has a built-in child lock that must be deactivated before the cooktop can be used, an automatic safety switch off, over heat protection and residual heat indicators.

Induction is the most sophisticated electric cooking technology and provides the quickest and most efficient heat by using magnetism. Induction creates a magnetic field between the cooktop and the pan to transfer heat directly to the base of the pan. This essentially turns the cookware into the element.

Glem has also added a ceramic cooktop to its range. The Glem Ceramic Hob 60 complements the Italian brand's inbuilt oven range and combines style and safety with Glem's reputation for quality cooking appliances.

The Ceramic Hob features a ceramic glass top with touch controls, a stainless steel safety frame and four cooking zones in various sizes, plus an extendable cooking zone for greater flexibility.



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