Quatro cooking magic from Kambrook

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 in Kambrook

Four types of cooking in one handy appliance

Quatro cooking magic from Kambrook

Taking versatility and convenience in the kitchen to a new level, Kambrook has launched a combined slow cooker and rice cooker, known as the Quatro Multi-Cooker. The first product of its kind on the market, the Quatro is able to sauté, slow cook, steam and cook rice.

Perfect for dinner parties, families or households with limited space; it can easily produce dishes from lamb shanks and casseroles, to soups and curries, roasts and even puddings.

Featuring a sauté function with variable temperature control, the Quatro Multi-Cooker makes it easy to retain the flavour, browning meats and frying vegetables.

Enabling the flavours to develop and intensify, the slow cooker function sets the appliance to a low temperature cooking for up to six hours, all in the same large 4.5 litre non-stick cooking bowl.

As a rice cooker, the Quatro has an eight cup capacity. The addition of a keep warm function makes any dish a pleasure to prepare and serve.

Offering a quick and healthy fourth cooking function, the Quatro Multi-Cooker enables cooks to steam vegetables, seafood or chicken and lock in nutrients using the removable steaming rack and glass lid with steam vent.

Designed with convenience in mind, its cool-touch handle and removable crockery bowl make the process even simpler as it’s possible to cook and serve all in the same dish. There’s less washing up and less need for storage space.

Quatro Multi-Cooker (KMC200) – RRP $79.95