Red timbers on trend for 2012

Monday, 05 March 2012 in Boral

Red timbers on trend for 2012

With the beginning of a new year, many homeowners will start that long awaited renovation or make some final decisions on a new build. For those planning to install a new timber floor, it’s vital to do some homework and select a species with colours that complement an interior.

According to Boral Timber, Australian red species are growing in popularity as many homeowners are drawn to the warmth that these red timbers bring to a home.

Boral Timber marketing manager Robyn Barnes said, “Timber colour is an aesthetic choice and we are seeing a strong movement towards red species such as Flooded (Rose) Gum and Red Mahogany. Renovators have been requesting our red species which offer a rich palette and are perfect for creating a cosy feeling, particularly in open plan living areas.”

Flooded (Rose) Gum, which has unique and subtle tones, varying from pale pink to soft reds and reddish browns, is ideal for luxurious domestic applications that require a bold yet gentle flooring finish. Red Mahogany is an extremely dense hardwood species, with stunning pale to deep, dark red colouring. Its density and rare colouring have made it a prestigious timber that is highly sought after. Other red species options in the Boral Timber range include Sydney Blue Gum, Forest Reds, Jarrah and Turpentine.

Barnes continues, “Timber is a versatile flooring material and can help achieve an individual look. Generally the colour is determined by the timber species, however natural colour variations can be found even within the one species. The different grades of timber can add further character to a floor by determining the level of natural features, such as gum veins, spirals and insect trails that are visible.”

According to interior designer Kristina Hetherington, director of Design Clarity, when selecting finishes for your home, walls in pale neutrals or near-white shades help to balance a red timber floor. “Crisp, understated tones allow the wood floor to be the main feature of your space. There’s nothing that compares with the rich warmth and unique texture of a natural timber floor. Timber has a clear resonance and lasting beauty underfoot. It conveys a sense of luxury, comfort and timelessness. By choosing one of the distinctive Australian red species on offer, you can make the floor a striking feature of your interior.”

Offering online assistance to homeowners is Boral’s Product Selector – a simple step-by-step process, guiding users through a series of questions in order to identify the most appropriate product for a specific application. Saving hours spent on research and wading through information, the Product Selector tool can be found at, together with a timber flooring calculator for indicative costing of a project.

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