Select the right timber floor for your spring renovation

Wednesday, 22 August 2012 in Boral

Select the right timber floor for your spring renovation

With spring approaching, it’s out with the old and in with the new for many homeowners as they make plans to revitalise and renovate their homes.  Timber floors can add a natural appeal to any home and create a smart, traditional look or more minimalist, contemporary feel for welcome areas, kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces.

According to Boral Timber marketing manager, Robyn Barnes, before selecting a timber floor, renovators should consider all the options to ensure the right choice is made for the job.

“Careful planning and research will help achieve the best results and avoid expensive surprises.  Consider where the timber floor will be located and the type of surface it will be laid over as this will impact decisions about the timber’s hardness rating, wear-ability and colour”, said Barnes.  “If the timber floor is laid over ceramic tiles for example, it may require levelling to ensure a structurally sound, level subfloor. The subfloor will also determine the product options homeowners can choose from.”

Where a structural timber floor is required, traditional 19mm solid strip tongue and groove boards can be laid over bearers and joists.  Solid overlay boards must be used when laying directly onto an existing floor covering like concrete or timber.  Pre- finished engineered hardwood flooring such as Boral Silkwood enables timber floors to be easily installed using the floating or direct stick installation method on a range of level, flat surfaces including concrete, plywood, tiles or existing timber floors.  

“There are many flooring options to choose from.  Boral Silkwood is an good solution for apartments or single room renovations and the speedy installation allows occupants to walk on the floor within hours.  The Boral Timber range also extends to block parquetry, which provides the ability to create custom patterns and designs such as herringbone and basket weave,” said Barnes.

Boral Timber additionally provides a choice of up to three timber grades across its Australian hardwood flooring range, depending on the product and species.  Each grade is distinguished by the level of gum veins, spirals, burls, insect trails and other natural features that give timber floors a unique character.

“Timber colour is an aesthetic choice based on the homeowner’s personal style preferences. Generally, the colour will be determined by the timber species and there will be natural variations even within the one species. The true colour of a floor will only be revealed after it has been sanded and coated with a chosen finish,” said Barnes. 

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