Slice and dice with samurai precision

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 in Hale Imports

Slice and dice with samurai precision

Made by hand in Seki City, Japan – the home of the samurai sword – the Shun Premier knife collection delivers precision, beauty and comfortable handling for passionate home cooks and kitchen professionals.

Born from the handcrafting techniques of ancient Japan, Shun Premier knives are complex, intricate tools that blend art and function.

Each knife in the Premier collection is constructed with a full-tang blade (one base-plate) made from VG-10 ‘super’ steel, which is skinned with 16 layers of high carbon stainless steel on both sides; creating a 33-layered knife. Sharpened to a 15 degree angle for superior slicing and dicing, the incredibly thin and sharp edge has a hand-hammered finish (‘Tsuchime’ in Japanese) that reduces drag when cutting and prevents food from sticking to the knife.

The graceful, symmetrical ellipsoidal curves of the walnut PakkaWood® handle, deliver an extremely comfortable and surprisingly light grip. Used in professional kitchens around the world, the enhanced ergonomic qualities of Shun knives reduces the risk of RSI on the wrist and give more control over cutting and slicing, which means less damage to food and faster preparation time.

The Shun Premier collection range offers a knife for all purposes including the smaller Paring and Utility knives, a versatile Chef’s knife and the larger Santoku and Slicing knives. Shun Premier Chef’s knife - $270 RRP.

The Shun Premier knife collection is available from specialist retailers nationally or call distributor Hale Imports on 02 9938 2400 for further product and stockist information.