Soliroc, sleek and discreet outdoor switches

Tuesday, 30 August 2011 in HPM Legrand

Soliroc, sleek and discreet outdoor switches

The arrival of the sleek Soliroc range of external switches and powerpoints means they can now take their place alongside the latest appliances gracing today’s outdoor rooms and entertainment spaces.

With many homeowners investing in architecturally designed outdoor areas with high quality fittings and appliances, Legrand’s Soliroc switches look the part compared to other bulkier outdoor units.

Soliroc is designed to have high aesthetic appeal and, at just one centimetre in depth, it is also discreet in appearance.

The weatherproof and impact-resistant range is suited to undercover or open air barbecue areas, outdoor kitchens, pool areas, decks and patios. Soliroc also has a lockable flap, making the switches tamper and childproof.

Flexible and easy to install, Soliroc is made up of a frame, covers and plugs, to keep
the unit in place.

As an attractive design solution, the metal alloy finish gives Soliroc a strong resistance to scratches and in coastal areas, protection from salt damage.

The hardwearing material, referred to as a ZAMAK metal alloy and made from a combination of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper, is also easy to wipe clean to keep the Soliroc units looking new.

With the growing popularity of technology for outdoor entertainment applications, Soliroc can also accommodate more than 50 Arteor electrical mechanisms including switches and TV sockets and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface).

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