Kambrook encourages families to cook together

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 in Kambrook

Kambrook encourages families to cook together

With home cooking continuing to gather momentum, Kambrook is introducing a fun and colourful range of small appliances, designed for families to enjoy making special treats together.

Great for kids’ parties or holiday cooking, Little Chefs is a range of seven products offering excellent value at just $34.95 each. With three step-by-step instructions, each appliance is easy to use and creates delicious treats. And as a bonus, kids can get a free Little Chefs apron.

Make seven deliciously cute cupcakes in just seven minutes with the Angel Cakes Cupcake Maker. Simply heat up the cupcake maker and add cupcake mixture; when the cupcakes are ready decorate with colourful toppings, sprinkles and enjoy – they’re perfect for little tea parties.

Perfect for a light snack, the Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker produces delicious, fluffy popcorn. Simply pour popcorn kernels into the top of the appliance using the measuring cup, turn the appliance on and watch it pop into action.

Due to popular demand, the Mr Mustard Hot Dog Maker has been updated and re-introduced into Kambrook’s product line-up. Simply place cold water into the main container. Once the water is steaming, add the hot dogs and pop the buns onto the two warmers. Finish with a favourite sauce and savour this scrumptious hot snack.

The Crazy Crunch Cookie Press is a fun and easy way for kids to prepare freshly baked cookies for friends. Insert the cookie dough into the appliance and select a disc to determine the cookies’ shape. Press the button to eject the dough onto an oven tray and bake. Once cooked, decorate with sprinkles, chocolate drops and other tasty toppings.

On a hot summer’s day, the Snowy Flakes Ice Shaver is the ideal way to cool down. Pour water into the containers provided and freeze. Then place the ice into the appliance and press the button on the top to start it. Add flavouring for the desired taste and enjoy a refreshing shaved ice treat.

Perfect for entertaining, the Sugar & Spice Doughnut Maker makes six light and fluffy doughnuts in one go. Simply add the mixture into each of the six holes, close the lid and after three minutes enjoy fresh, warm doughnuts.

The Shimmy Shake Milkshake Maker is sure to be a crowd pleaser and comes with two cups for added convenience. Just add milk and flavouring to a cup and place it under the nozzle to mix a frothy, smooth and delicious drink. 

Kambrook Little Angel Cakes Cupcake Maker (KCC10) – RRP $34.95
Kambrook Little Chefs Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker (KPC10) – RRP $34.95
Kambrook Little Chefs Mr Mustard Hot Dog Maker (KHD10) – RRP $34.95
Kambrook Little Chefs Crazy Crunch Cookie Press (KCP100) – RRP $34.95
Kambrook Little Chefs Snowy Flakes Ice Shaver (KIS20) – RRP $34.95
Kambrook Little Chefs Sugar & Spice Doughnut Maker (KDM1) – RRP $34.95
Kambrook Little Chefs Shimmy Shake Milkshake Maker (KMS10) – RRP $34.95