Timber decking adds functionality and feature for summer

Thursday, 28 June 2012 in Boral

Timber decking adds functionality and feature for summer

As the warmer months approach, thoughts of long afternoons spent alfresco will entice many homeowners to renovate their outdoor living space. Installing a timber deck can add an attractive and practical backdrop for summer entertaining.

Before constructing a new deck Boral Timber’s Marketing Manager, Robyn Barnes, advises taking time to consider all the options. “A timber deck can last many years and with a wide range of decking products on the market, it is important to make the right decision. In addition to aesthetic considerations such as colour and finish, lifestyle and location can be important factors when selecting decking timber. For example, those living in bushfire prone areas may consider Australian timber species with natural fire resisting properties[1], such as Blackbutt or Spotted Gum.”

The visual aspect of the decking timber will depend on the homeowner’s aesthetic preference. “Finding a decking species that’s equivalent to an interior timber flooring species can enhance the natural flow from the indoor to the outdoor environment, seamlessly extending the living space, which is perfect for entertaining,” added Barnes.

It is also important to select a decking timber with the right strength for the job. If extra durability is required, for high traffic or load bearing structures, Barnes recommends Boral Timber’s 135mm x 32m commercial decking product. Best fixed with large stainless steel bugle screws, the commercial range also achieves a contemporary industrial look.

Boral Timber’s Australian hardwood timber species are an excellent choice for decking and can also be used for a variety of exterior home improvements due to their density, colour spectrum, natural beauty and durability. Available in a range of species including Blackbutt, Forest Reds, Grey Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Stringybark, River Reds and Tallowwood, Boral decking offers a variety of options for colour and grain feature.

Once a new timber deck is installed, it’s possible to further customise the look by considering the finish of the deck. Australian hardwood decking can be finished with a decking oil or stain, or left to weather to an attractive silvery grey. A decking finish can be applied to exposed surfaces to preserve the colour of the timber species and extend the life of the deck.

If a deck is already in place, Barnes suggests enhancing the outdoor living space with value-adding design features. “Timber screening can create privacy and a place to hang outdoor artistic features or even potted plants, such as herbs. Boral decking timber can also be used to create bench seating or a storage box for outdoor furnishings and accessories,” said Barnes.

Boral has achieved Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) chain of custody certification (AS 4707-2006) for its timber products. This means that timber used to produce Boral Timber's hardwood flooring; decking and structural timber has been sourced from certified, legal and sustainably managed resources.  The Australian Forestry Standard Scheme also has mutual recognition by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme (PEFC) - the world's largest forest management certifier.


[1] Construction in bushfire prone areas: Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009) and local building code requirements should be considered for construction in bushfire prone areas.