Tune in to the action with new Uniden Bearcat digital scanner

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 in Uniden

Tune in to the action with new Uniden Bearcat digital scanner

Making its return to the digital scanner radio market, Uniden today launched the new Bearcat UBCD396XT – offering professionals and enthusiasts access to the latest digital scanner technology, widest channel selection and improved useability.

The state-of-the-art UBCD396XT can access up to 25,000 dynamic channels, including commercial grade channels. Ideal for truck, emergency and air scanning, users can pick up any frequency in the range* as well as make use of eight pre-programmed service searches: police, marine, railroad, air, CB radio, UHF-CB radio, racing and FM broadcast searches. This superior range appeals to a diverse scanner community, from those seeking emergency alerts as they occur, to diehard racing fans chasing the action between V8 drivers and their pit crew, to aviation enthusiasts hoping to listen in on pilot/ground crew communication.

Featuring TrunkTracker IV™ Technology, the UBCD396XT allows users to follow all the action on the four major types of trunked radio systems: APCO25 Digital, Motorola, EDACS and LTR. Providing the greatest possible access to monitor activities and transmissions of city service departments, these four systems can be tracked on virtually all bands and all configurations, including narrowband and ‘rebanded’ systems. Complete with APCO25 digital capability, the scanner can pick up both digital and analog radio systems.

Equipped with advanced Close Call RF Capture technology, the UBCD396XT can automatically lock onto nearby radio transmissions even if they have not been programmed into the scanner. This is ideal for use at events where the frequency being used is unknown, such as sporting matches.

The UBCD396XT also debuts a range of GPS support features which can be accessed once the scanner unit is connected with an optional GPS Antenna. Location-based scanning will automatically turn systems and channel groups on and off as you change location – a simple and convenient feature which means users won’t have to take their eyes off the road to change channels. This GPS function also enables users to determine the location of the frequency they are listening to, in addition to location alerts and crows flight navigation.

Rounding out the new features is Bandscope, providing a graphical representation which indicates signal strength of transmissions in a selected range. This helps users to zone in on possible interference sources, tune into intermittent signal sources and also help to pinpoint where the signal originates.

Other features include:
• Key-safe – protects important programming and modes from accidental changes
• Custom searches – offers users the flexibility to program up to 10 search ranges
• IF Exchange
• Priority ID Scan
• 100 Quick Keys and Quick Search
• 500 Search Lockouts (250 temporary and 250 permanent)
• Multi-colour back lit LCD
• Ultra compact unit
• Specially certified for Australian + New Zealand market.

Uniden’s UBCD396XT Digital Scanner is available now from specialised communication retailers, and in Dick Smith stores nationally from early 2012.
RRP $499.95

For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see www.uniden.com.au