Uniden Visual & Hearing Impaired cordless phone

Wednesday, 10 October 2012 in Uniden

Uniden delivers on-call support for seniors, the disabled and people with impaired vision or hearing . New Uniden SSE series phone includes special features and an emergency alert pendant

Uniden Visual & Hearing Impaired cordless phone

One of the most profound changes influencing our population growth is ageing, with studies estimating that more than 24 per cent of the population will be aged 65 years and over by 2056 . Appealing to the needs of this growing demographic, Uniden has launched a new series of digital cordless phones which incorporate an optional emergency alert pendant.

Designed for easy use by seniors, people with disabilities and those with impaired vision or hearing, the Uniden SSE series cordless phone features large buttons, large LCD and caller ID display, extra loud audio controls and is hearing aid compatible. Text To Speech (TTS) announces the name of callers so users know who is calling before they pick up the phone.

The system includes an integrated digital answering machine with a slow playback function, which slows down the voice when listening to messages, as well as remote access which enables users to check any messages left when away from home.

Unique to the Uniden SSE phones is an optional emergency alert SOS pendant, offering seniors and their families’ greater peace of mind to know that help is only a press of a button away. Set for release in January 2013, this splashproof personal alarm can be worn around neck or wrist, and activated in case of an emergency such as a fall or sudden illness. When the ‘help’ button is pressed, the device will first call the internal home phone so that someone in the home may be notified. If unanswered, the pendant will then dial up to five phone numbers that have been pre-programmed by the user. Through the pendant, users can have two-way communication with their contact once the call is answered. If the call is not answered it will then automatically move on to the next contact until one of the five contacts pick up.

The safety of the elderly and disabled, particularly those living alone, can cause anxiety for family members. An emergency pendant allows seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle, with the ability to call family and close friends for assistance if required, rather than an alarm centre. This also means there are no ongoing expensive monitoring fees, unlike other emergency pendants available.

Featuring advanced XDECT technology, the Uniden SSE phone’s extended digital coverage eliminates reception drop-out areas around the home and provides greater call clarity. As the SOS pendant is linked with Uniden’s fixed line phone system it has long-range capability, ensuring it can be activated anywhere around the house or property.

Additional features of the SSE phone include:
- Do Not Disturb function – allows users to mute the ringer at times when not wanting to be interrupted
- WiFi friendly – will not interfere with any other frequencies in the house
- 50 Caller ID memories and 200 phonebook entries on each handset
- Seven day battery standby time and up to ten hours talk time
- Hands-free speaker
- Multi handset capable – expand up to six handsets using the one phone socket

The Uniden XDECT SSE series is available from October at leading electrical retail stores nationally. The optional emergency alert SOS pendant will be available from January 2013.

SS E35 RRP $79.95
SSE35 + 1 RRP $129.95
SSE Pendant RRP $99.95 (January 2013)
SS E35 + Pendant RRP $169.95 (Coming Soon)

For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895