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Entertain this Easter with Villeroy & Boch’s Rose Garden and NewMoon collections

March 2023 — Celebrate the joy and warmth of Easter with Villeroy & Boch’s latest collection, Rose Garden, matched with the modern simplicity of NewMoon.

The new Rose Garden collection captures the delicate beauty of English roses with modern watercolour designs and playful shades of pink and green on pure white premium porcelain. The NewMoon collection blends classic simplicity with a contemporary twist by combining premium bone porcelain with a striking rim inspired by the different stages of the moon’s cycle.

Together, the collections complement each other beautifully, creating stunning combinations that are sure to elevate any Easter table setting, be it breakfast or a leisurely brunch with loved ones.

Villeroy & Boch’s decorating tips will make Easter even more special, ensuring a picture-perfect setting that is sure to impress guests.

Set the tone with playful, pastel hues 

To create a perfect Easter table, pay attention to colour and choose the right pastels to set the tone. Light and bright pastels, such as pink and green, complement each other and add a calming effect. Play with colour blocking or blending to add a touch of whimsy. Add foiled eggs to create a cohesive look for a long table or a smaller bowl for a table setting for two. Painting eggs in matching colours can also tie the décor together for a beautiful finishing touch. For something more personalised, consider adding name tags to each setting, written in a complementary colour.

Layer up for classic elegance 

Elevate an Easter-inspired table setting with the timeless elegance of porcelain from the NewMoon collection. Layering the table with classic elements, like a traditional pancake breakfast, can add a touch of dimension and sophistication to the setting. Consider adding a few candles to the table for a warm, welcoming glow. To further enhance the elegance, pair the tableware with a trendy gold cutlery set, which exudes a bold yet charming aesthetic. These carefully selected layers will ensure those freshly baked hot cross buns stand out and create an unforgettable dining experience.

Make a whimsical statement

Embrace the playful spirit of Easter by adding a touch of nature inspired by the beauty of the outdoors during the autumn season. Add some greenery with foliage or fresh flowers and evoke the feeling of the Easter Bunny hopping through gardens and meadows. Complete the look with the Rose Garden’s rose-patterned table runner and a simple porcelain vase from the NewMoon collection or a floral bouquet to showcase the season’s natural beauty. For an extra pop of colour, consider adding a few brightly coloured eggs or a festive Easter wreath to the décor.

Don’t forget the glassware

Complete any Easter table setting in style by selecting the perfect glassware. Picture a charming breakfast (or brunch) table set with delicate porcelain Rose Garden plates and bowls, paired with NewMoon glassware with its distinct asymmetric design and fine stems, perfect for sipping juice or indulging in a glass of champagne or a mimosa. The NewMoon glassware range is not only beautiful but also functional, with extremely thin glass and large bowls that let wine develop fine aromas. Imagine serving guests their favourite drinks in these glasses as they enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and Easter festivities.

Villeroy & Boch products are available from selected department and specialty stores and the Villeroy & Boch e-shop: www.villeroyboch.com.


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