No matter how well-run your business is, and how happy your staff and customers are, the reality is that every organisation encounters an issue at some point.

Trouble can be caused by a disgruntled ex-employee or unsatisfied customer, legal action or financial difficulties, a product recall, or a rogue executive. Handling issues can be a communication minefield. Working with experienced professionals can help.

It takes careful navigation based on long experience to understand exactly how to handle issues when they arise. No two situations are alike but, when it comes to managing the issue, most situations share one thing in common: it’s best to get out in front and start communicating clearly and honestly about the issue and the business’s plans to rectify it.

It’s not always possible to completely avoid some damage to your brand’s reputation but there are always options to minimise it. Your best bet is to partner with an experienced issues management team.

Write Away Communication has handled issues for clients since 1986 and we’ve seen it all. If you have an issue forming, no matter how complex, the Write Away team can help you:

  • understand the potential ramifications

  • develop a strategy to address the issue publicly

  • develop a plan to rectify the cause of the issue

  • communicate to the media and the public, if necessary using a neutral spokesperson

  • manage immediate and ongoing enquiries regarding the issue

  • monitor the press coverage and social sentiment regarding the issue

  • avoid unnecessary spin-off coverage that can result when organisations handle issues badly.

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