Launching a new product is an exciting time for a business. You want to tell the world about your new product and how good it is. Starting with making your target audience aware of the new product, you then want to move them quickly towards preference for that product.

Doing this effectively takes a concerted effort and an integrated campaign that leverages various channels to communicate with your audience. From social media mentions and media coverage to a physical launch event and getting samples to your potential customers, you need to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

The team at Write Away Communication can help you launch a new product successfully by:

  • identifying and securing product and brand ambassadors to represent your new product

  • identifying influencers in your target market and getting them on board

  • getting samples of your product to the right people, including bloggers and journalists

  • running launch events that create a compelling reason for people to attend

  • developing and executing a communications campaign to raise awareness of and preference for the new product.

Write Away starts by understanding your target market and your new product. We then develop a plan to get maximum exposure for your new product, putting it in front of the people who’ll buy it.

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