Many prospective buyers first hear about brands in the media.

The more your brand is mentioned in various media, from magazines and television to social media platforms and online news sites, the more ingrained your brand name is in their memory. If your brand has received enough coverage, it’ll be top of mind for these buyers when they start researching what products they want to purchase.

Getting your brand favourable coverage in your target media takes specialised knowledge and strong relationships with key producers, editors, and journalists.

Write Away Communication has worked with the industry’s top media contacts since 1986. We know what works and how to get outstanding results for our clients.

Write Away Communication delivers:

  • media campaigns that generate real results

  • strategic plans that maximise your exposure to potential buyers

  • content that cuts through the noise to get attention

  • creative packaging of your news

  • key messaging development

  • media training to help your spokespeople deliver your key messages confidently and successfully.

We work proactively to keep your brand in the media. We constantly develop new ideas and ways to tell your brand story and corporate news. From tracking and pitching for editorial features to running events with celebrity ambassadors, we focus on what’s right for your brand so you can speak with an authentic voice.

We continuously measure and monitor campaigns as they’re running so we can move fast to make changes and ensure success, and demonstrate your return on investment.

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