Four common questions homeowners ask about buying and using an air conditioner in winter

An air conditioner is one of the most common methods of creating a comfortable indoor haven during the winter months. It’s an investment for the home and the family, which means it’s important to do research to understand what system will best suit your specific requirements. Once installed, knowing how to use the air conditioner correctly will help maximise indoor comfort and minimise energy consumption.

Fujitsu General outlines the most common questions consumers should ask before buying, and using, a reverse cycle air conditioning system:

How do air conditioners compare with other heating methods? 

When temperatures drop, all that’s important is creating a warm environment to unwind in. Reverse cycle air conditioning is one of the most energy efficient ways of heating a room1, and doubles as a cooling method during summer. While gas and electricity prices vary from state to state, ongoing innovations in technology and features make reverse cycle air conditioning a smart way to create a comfortable environment all-year round in a single room or the whole house.

What is the ideal temperature to set an air conditioner in winter?

When the temperature outside is freezing, it can be very tempting to raise the air conditioning temperature indoors to heat the home faster. This can put unnecessary pressure on the system and can contribute to an increase in energy use. In winter, ensure the air conditioner mode is changed to heating, and set the temperature at a recommended 19 degrees Celsius, to create a comfortable environment while minimising energy consumption.

What technology do air conditioners use and can they offer smart home connectivity?

Smart technology can make it easy to control an air conditioner using a smartphone, tablet or using voice command when available. The Fujitsu General anywAiR® technology range currently includes: a Wi-Fi adaptor compatible with Fujitsu Lifestyle Range indoor units; and the anywAiR® technology ducted controller for ducted systems. Fujitsu General’s anywAiR technology enables users to control their air conditioner remotely anytime, anywhere. This means indoor comfort can be managed throughout the day, even if the user isn’t home. Depending on the system installed, the user can remotely operate the air conditioner via the myanywAiR or anywAiR App to turn it on or off and help manage the temperature as well as energy usage. If the user forgets to turn the air conditioning off before leaving home, or forgets to set the timer to switch the unit on before they get home, this can be actioned remotely.

How can you compare efficiency between air conditioner models? 

The easiest way to compare efficiencies on wall mounted split systems is to look at the energy star rating for both heating and cooling modes. The better the star rating, the more energy efficient the system.  Blue stars rate cooling efficiency, and red stars assess heating.  The new labels provide a seasonal efficiency rating for three distinct climate zones across Australia: HOT, AVERAGE and COLD. The star ratings on the new label reflect how the air conditioner will perform in different climate zones and allows an estimated annual electricity figure to be calculated. Also compare energy management features and consider which will be more useful and effective in your home. Fujitsu General air conditioners have a range of efficiency features such as timer settings, Human Sensor Control, Economy Mode, and demand response.

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