Fujitsu General launches AIRSTAGE™ applied range

Fujitsu General Australia is expanding its commercial projects portfolio with the launch of the AIRSTAGE™ applied range. Offering simple aesthetics and design flexibility, the Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE range provides the latest technology and product solutions to meet the needs of Australia’s weather extremes.

A comprehensive range of air cooled, water cooled and condenser-less liquid Chillers, as well as Roof Top Packaged Units, Air Handling Units and Computer Room Air Conditioners, Fujitsu General applied solutions can be specified for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

“The addition of applied products to the Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE offering is an exciting part of the company’s growth. It lets Fujitsu continue delivering design and installation flexibility, optimal comfort, high energy efficiency and consistent reliability for an extensive range of projects around Australia,” commented Kyle Rafter, head of product, Fujitsu General Australia and New Zealand.

“Fujitsu General has recently commissioned a complete applied solution on the new Winx Stand at Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney. The addition of applied products to Fujitsu General’s AIRSTAGE offering provided the installer with an extensive range of customisable commercial solutions for this project.

“This was the first Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE applied chiller project in Australia and we were delighted to be aligned with such a high profile venue,” said Rafter.

Fujitsu General’s AIRSTAGE chillers range in capacity from 4kW to 4100kW, with options from small compact and energy efficient air cooled chillers to large water cooled chillers. All feature Danfoss componentry with ultra low global warming potentials (GWP) HFO refrigerant options. For certain compressor types, low GWP refrigerant options are available. With a variety of compressors available, including Turbocor magnetic bearing, screw, rotary and scroll compressors, there is an option to suit a multitude of applications.

The AIRSTAGE range of Roof Top Packaged Units (RTPUs) features 28 models equipped with Danfoss componentry and includes options such as highly efficient and reliable EC Inverter Plug Fans with backward curved blades. The fan design keeps dimensions to a minimum while delivering the highest efficiency.

The roof top packaged units feature R410A refrigerant, G4 filters, black epoxy corrosion

protection coating, axial condenser fans and automatic circuit breakers. The premium model also features acoustic compressor insulation for low noise operation, and EC plug fans (in lieu of the standard models belt driven fan).

The Economiser option provides high energy saving operation as the outdoor air is used for cooling or warming the internal air. Based on free-cooling technology, the unit features three dampers intelligently managed by an electronic control that constantly monitors the internal and external air temperatures.

The range also features Wheel Heat Recovery on the double skin products, which assists with the efficient heat transfer of air. This can also give the greatest humidity control. The capacity of AIRSTAGE roof top packaged units ranges from 12kW to 252kW. Designed with a simple aesthetic, powder coated and available in both single skin and double skin casing, these rooftop package units offer flexible installation options with the ability to customise the supply and return locations.

The AIRSTAGE range of Air Handling Units (AHUs) includes 36 models that are fully customisable to suit most project requirements. The modular range features five models with pre-set configuration and the outer casing across the range is powder coated to withstand Australia’s weather extremes. The multitude of key options include: Eurovent Certification, single-wall/double-wall panels, 50mm/75mm PU insulations, outdoor installations with unit-roof and intake/weather hoods, multi-dampers, pre and final bag filters, cooling/heating coils, humidifiers, UV lights, EC plug fans, multizone configurations and more.

The AIRSTAGE Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) are available in air or water cooled direct expansion or chilled water ranges. All are equipped with Danfoss componentry and options include EC plug fans, underfloor cooling or digital inverter scroll compressors.

The Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE applied range of products is manufactured in Italy and Malaysia.

Fujitsu General Australia strives to consistently provide high quality, energy efficient, reliable products to meet the diverse needs of the market. Fujitsu General trained technicians attend every commercial and industrial AIRSTAGE installation to assist with the controls commissioning of the units and ensure seamless operation.

Fujitsu believes in the quality and reliability of every air conditioner it sells, providing up to three years warranty on selected applied products and specifically: a one year parts and labour warranty on the AIRSTAGE chillers range; a one year parts warranty on AIRSTAGE air handling units; and a two year parts and labour warranty plus an additional one year parts only warranty on the AIRSTAGE roof top packaged units.

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