Heatwave survival tips for indoor comfort

“Heatwaves can be uncomfortable, particularly for elderly people and young children, as hot nights make it harder to recover from the heat of the day,” Fujitsu General Australia National Product Manager Kyle Rafter said.

“A cool home enables us to recover from the day’s exertions and is more conducive to learning and working.”

The key to enduring these conditions lies in maintaining a comfortable and cool home. Many Australian homes rely on air conditioning, and the following useful tips can help improve overall indoor comfort.

Indoor and outdoor shading 

Unprotected windows can be the source for up to 90 per cent of the heat entering a home1. Trees, awnings and shade cloth can help significantly reduce the impact of the hot summer sun penetrating rooms. Keep interior blinds down and windows closed whenever a window is in direct sunlight. If an afternoon breeze kicks in, open windows to allow the hot air to escape; this will refresh the home with cooler fresh air to help prepare everyone for a restful night.

Close the gaps

Fill small gaps and cracks around windows with sealant, and seal draughts under doors with weather strips or draft stoppers. This ensures cool air conditioned air remains indoors.

Keep the indoor and outdoor air con unit clean

Over timedust and debris can build-up on both the indoor and outdoor unit, restricting airflow. This may cause the system to work harder, leading to higher energy usage and increased running costs. Wipe them down, and clean the indoor unit filters regularly, to ensure they’re ready when the summer heat wave arrives.

Before installing a new air conditioning system, Fujitsu General recommends homeowners speak with an air conditioning specialist and request a heat load assessment, to ensure the correct size and type of air conditioner is installed.

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