HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures returns in 2022

With covid restrictions easing, Rookwood Cemetery will once again host the iconic HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures.

MAY 2022: From 10 September to 9 October 2022, over 70 established and emerging artists, including school students and community groups, are set to take part in HIDDEN, providing the opportunity for the public to engage with Rookwood’s diverse cultural landscape.

The iconic sculpture walk, which began in 2009 was created as a platform for community engagement and showcases Rookwood’s historic monuments and cultural gardens.  It enables artists to creatively respond to the cemetery’s contemporary relevance by reflecting on personal narratives, cultural practices, history, and the cemetery’s evocative sense of place.

This year 55 artworks will be on display within Rookwood’s grounds, including sculptures, installations, performances, and short films: each with their own layered narratives and unique connection to the cemetery.

Exhibition curator Dr Kath Fries, commented that HIDDEN is driven by a connection between the artworks, audience and the space. “Each artwork engages with unique stories and experiences of the cemetery. The atmosphere of the cemetery is naturally contemplative, so visitors approach the artworks with a quiet sensitivity unique to the space.”

“2020-2021 was a very difficult period for our arts communities,” said Fries, “I’m excited to again be curating this expansive exhibition which will allow visitors to engage with creative arts in this unique place, on Dharug Land, so integral to Australian history.”

“Rookwood Cemetery is an ideal setting for artists to present their works, while honouring communities of the past, present and future,” commented Lee Shearer, Administrator for Rookwood General Cemetery.  “The event also attracts valuable support from local businesses and industry, enabling the exhibition to go from strength to strength.”

HIDDEN is continuing its key partnerships with Dharug Strategic Management Group, Cumberland City Council and Friends of Rookwood. This year HIDDEN is also partnering with nearby ACU McGlade Gallery, Strathfield, for a HIDDEN Satellite exhibition, featuring behind-the-scenes developments of the artworks. ACU McGlade Gallery is an easy fifteen-minute walk from Rookwood Cemetery.

The public program for HIDDEN 2022 will include a self-guided audio tour, curator tours, d/Deaf led tour, tactile tour, short film screens, dusk tours, Rainbodhi tour, public photography competition, Shape Note Singing and education events with VADEA (Visual Arts & Design Educators Association) for high school art teachers.

HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures will run from 10 September to 9 October 2022.

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HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures 2022 Artists

HIDDEN Sculptures

Maissa Alameddine, Basketry NSW, Mark Booth, Priscilla Bourne, Cybele Cox, Farnaz Dadfar, Ellen Dahl, Suzanne Davey, Chris Dolman, Szymon Dorabialski, Kate Dunn, Tina Fox, Stevie Fieldsend, Maddie Gibbs, Karen Golland, Philippa Hagon, Hyun Hee Lee, Em Ingram-Shute, Adam King, Pamela Leung, Joanne Makas, Mahalya Middlemist & Laurence Hall, Kathie Najar, Clare Nicholson, Katy B Plummer, Niall Robb, Leisa Sage, Bernadette Smith, Olga Svyatova, Jayanto Tan, Alan Tulloch, Josee Vesely-Manning, Lachlan Warner, Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria, Whimbrel Wilson, Anne Zahalka & Dorit Braun.

HIDDEN Students

Schools: Barker College, Cabramatta High School, Hurlstone Agricultural High School
Emerging: Kristy Gordon, Benita Laylim, Louisa Maxim, Lana Zilla
Community: Cumberland Artists Together (CAT)


Rubyrose Bancroft, Tom Blake, Natasha Cantwell, Lynn Dennison, Amala Groom, Elise Harmsen, Danica I. J. Knezevic, Jacqui Malins, Jacqui Mills, Monica Rani Rudhar

About Rookwood General Cemetery

Rookwood General Cemetery is responsible for the management and longevity of Rookwood Cemetery. We maintain over 400 unique interment grounds, historic and modern memorial areas, culturally specific gardens, three beautiful chapels and a state-of-the-art function centre. To further meet needs of families, we customise interment practices to respect different religious and cultural beliefs.

Rookwood is also one of the largest green spaces in Greater Sydney; making it the ideal setting to explore. HIDDEN, along with events such as tours, workshops, and open days; provide unique opportunities for the community to engage with the historic site.

Rookwood General Cemetery is a part of the Office of OneCrown Cemeteries: A Government initiative entrusted to bring together Rookwood General Cemetery, Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries, while the Government determines the final operating model for the Crown cemetery sector.

For further information on HIDDEN and to find out more about the activities included in the public program, visit www.hiddeninrookwood.com.au or call 02 8575 8100.

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