February 2022

 How to make living in tropical regions a breeze

There’s a lot to love about living in Australia’s tropical regions; however, the heat is a constant fact of life. Regardless of the season, air conditioning is often the only solution for indoor comfort. The following tips can help select an air conditioning solution that not only keeps life cool but can function optimally in tropical conditions.

 Essential features

Staying cool is more than just turning a unit on, changing the temperature and fan speed. Fujitsu General air conditioners offer a ‘dry mode’ function that works very similarly to cooling mode. In dry mode, the fan operates at a low-speed drawing air though the air conditioning unit to remove the moisture (humidity) from the room.

 Keeping energy bills low

In hot conditions it is easy to leave an air conditioner on all day and night to maintain comfort; however, this may generate high energy bills. Installing an energy efficient cooling system can help manage the household budget. Fujitsu General’s Lifestyle Cooling Only range includes advanced energy management features such as Human Sensor Control and Economy Mode to help minimise power usage. When in operation, human sensor control minimises energy usage by switching the unit into energy saving mode when no motion is detected for 20 minutes. It does this by modifying the set temperature to minimise energy consumption. Economy mode will adjust the set temperature by one degree Celsius to allow for a reduction in power from the compressor.

 Selecting the right unit for the space

Before investing in an air conditioner, it’s important to know the number and size of the rooms that need cooling to determine the most suitable system for the space. Fujitsu General recommends having an air conditioning specialist visit the home for a heat load assessment. This is an important component of the quote process to ensure the correct size and type of air conditioning system is specified and installed.

 Ensuring peace of mind

To avoid a system failure when the humidity is extreme, regular maintenance is recommended. Routine cleaning to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt and mould, as well an annual service, can enhance the unit’s long-term reliability and performance.

Fujitsu General Lifestyle Cooling Only air conditioning units are a cost-effective solution for tropical areas. Operating a cooling only unit provides year-round comfort and control through both wet and dry seasons.

Consumers that purchase an eligible Fujitsu General Cooling Only Split System before 31 March can receive a digital prepaid Mastercard worth up to $150.

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