Knauf launches air-purifying plasterboard to improve indoor air quality in commercial spaces

September 2022 — Leading construction materials manufacturer Knauf Gypsum (Knauf) has launched Stratopanel with air-purifying CLEANEO Technology, a perforated plasterboard interior solution that helps to improve indoor air-quality in commonly used spaces.

Stratopanel is a perforated plasterboard lining that offers acoustic performances of up to NRC 0.80, providing high-level noise absorption treatment for internal walls and ceilings. It also features CLEANEO, an air-purifying technology that utilises dehydrated zeolite to reduce smells and airborne pollutants.

Zeolite is a natural volcanic rock containing porous minerals with high absorbency and ion-exchange capacity, enabling Stratopanel to purify air that streams through its perforated surface, removing unpleasant pollutants and helping to improve indoor air quality.

Knauf R&D Engineering Services Director Thanh Huynh said Stratopanel is the perfect solution for commercial indoor spaces.

“Stratopanel design options combined with noise absorption capabilities make it perfect for a wide range of commercial projects in buildings where we spend a lot of time working, learning, and socialising such as educational institutions; hospitals; retail spaces; offices; conference halls; and hospitality venues,” he said.

“The Knauf Stratopanel system is designed to reduce noise reverberation in internal spaces and is available in several perforation patterns for a range of different project design and acoustic needs.

“The inclusion of CLEANEO technology enables Stratopanel to help improve indoor air quality for the benefit of people using and working in those spaces.”

Stratopanel not only improves indoor air quality once installed, but is also sustainable in its material composition, manufacture, and installation. Stratopanel has been independently tested to
confirm compliance with Green Star specification limits for VOCs and formaldehyde1, and is manufactured from a combination of low embodied energy, non-toxic natural gypsum, and liner paper.
It can also be installed with a cap screw system which makes the panels demountable and able to be repurposed, minimising unnecessary construction waste.

An important innovation for both Linings contractors and specifiers, Stratopanel perforated plasterboard features the unique UFF edge profile. A superb engineering feature, the Stratopanel UFF profile ensures perfect alignment of continuous perforation patterns and, when installed with Uniflott jointing compound forms a seamless, tapeless joint.

Stratopanel by Knauf is an easy choice – addressing today’s building requirements with a functional, aesthetic and sustainable design. It helps reduce waste and complex installation for builders, enables architects to design with flexibility and confidence, and helps create modern, comfortable, and cleaner indoor-air spaces for building occupants.


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