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April 2022 —Hardwood products from Pentarch Forestry celebrate the natural beauty of Australian timber species. Offering a comprehensive variety of solutions, including decking, flooring, cladding, lining and structural timber, Pentarch Forestry provides a sustainable and local source of Australian-made products for interior and exterior building and design projects.

With origins dating back to 1893, Pentarch Forestry timber products continue to be locally owned and managed after being acquired by Pentarch Forestry from Boral in October 2021.

A strong presence on the North and South coasts of New South Wales, whilst also being able to source raw material from other states, enables 95 per cent of our timber products to be Australian made.

The beauty of Australian hardwoods is extremely difficult to replicate, and Pentarch Forestry is committed to ensuring this natural and renewable resource is recognised for its superior performance, as well as its wellbeing and environmental advantages. Pentarch Forestry solid hardwood products have Responsible Wood Chain of Custody certification, the only Australian forest certification scheme with an Australian Standard (AS4707), encouraging sustainable forest management.

In support of the local industry, Pentarch Forestry promotes Australian timber products among builders, architects, specifiers and consumers as the market seeks to find superior, sustainable and striking building materials for residential and commercial applications.

Pentarch Forestry has adopted the philosophy of adding as much value as possible to the round wood that we are entrusted to use in our manufacturing processes. To this end we continue to invest in new technology to make full use of all wood that enters our sites including in the manufacture of briquettes and firewood from what would otherwise be a waste product.

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