Leading global developer and manufacturer of award-winning presentation and collaboration solutions, WolfVision, has announced the introduction of the VZ-3neo.UHD and VZ-8neo.UHD visualisers to maximise knowledge-sharing and collaboration within industries.

Remote learning and presentations have become essential for many industries, such as education, business, and law, although it has created additional challenges when conveying presentations. The new VZ-3neo.UHD and VZ-8neo.UHD visualisers can provide more freedom to explore content, 3D objects, and digital materials, whenever and wherever the audience may be.

WolfVision visualisers provide an impactful and easy way to share knowledge throughout a business, as well as during a class or a court proceeding

Users have the power to enhance presentations with the newly engineered optical and electrical components on the VZ-3neo.UHD and VZ-8neo.UHD, making these user-friendly, high-performance imaging systems.

Equipped with an ultra-high-definition camera with 4K UHD output for unrivalled quality and imaging performance, these next generation models feature a sleek mechanical design concept which incorporates the camera, LED light system, and all electronic hardware, into the arm of the visualiser.

Some of the key features of the VZ-3neo.UHD and VZ-8neo.UHD include: an LCD touchscreen preview monitor with a swipe-though advanced settings menu; variable-speed zoom range; high speed continuous autofocus, manual focus, and 9-point touch and focus mode; remote management tools; adjustment-free lighting; flexible external control; and FHD recording and streaming.

The new WolfVision visualisers also include vSolution Link Pro software for remote management and firmware updates, and include a maintenance-free, high-brightness LED light system with high light output and low power consumption, and lamp lifetime of 30,000 hours.


The VZ-3neo. UHD includes a 4K UHD with 30 frames per second. It has a depth of focus on small objects at 20mm (0,8”) and for large objects at 120mm (4,7”), with a 12x zoom.


The VZ-8neo. UHD includes a 4K UHD with 60 frames per second in all resolutions. It has a depth of focus on small objects at 5mm (0,4”) and for large objects at 100mm (3,9”), with a 24x zoom. It also features a 2160p UHD recording and streaming to capture and distribute materials with outstanding quality.

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