Celebrating 275 years of lasting success is a milestone that few premium brands with a global reputation achieve. Founded as a small craft business in 1748, Villeroy & Boch has transformed from a production-oriented ceramicist to a comprehensive lifestyle provider. Today, customers around the world shape their homes through the brand’s extensive catalogue of products and designs.

275 years of Villeroy & Boch reflect a unique company history built on a brand that has proven itself against the challenges of time, from political and societal changes to the dynamism of market conditions and developing technology. New procedures, material formulations, colours and shapes have taken hold, with natural, durable ceramics remaining at the heart of the company. While founding fathers François Boch and Nicolas Villeroy still had a regional focus when they merged in 1836, Villeroy & Boch has evolved into a global player over the continued course of the company’s history.

From pots and bowls to a global presence

The company’s first products were simple household commodities and complete tableware sets. Today, 275 years later, a diverse product portfolio not only makes table settings more beautiful, but adds classic taste to the entire house with living accessories and gift items. Villeroy & Boch uses its diverse offering to create holistically designed spaces and worlds of style that reflect customer attitudes towards life around the world.

“Innovative and demand-driven, both offline and online, Villeroy & Boch products and services are represented everywhere our customers are today,” says Frank Göring, who has been managing the globally operating public company as CEO since 2007. Since its founding days, the company’s management has been driven to constantly evolve the business to ensure it keeps up with the times.

Quality and market orientation, as well as the conscious decision to industrialise and digitally orient the company at an early stage means that Villeroy & Boch is always re-inventing itself, shaping the market and remaining a pioneer in the industry. Villeroy & Boch is represented in 125 countries and this internationality and diversity can be seen across its workforce: 6,400 employees from 81 countries work worldwide for Villeroy & Boch.

275 years creating homes

Since 1748, Villeroy & Boch has been creating high-quality porcelain for everyone.

“Villeroy & Boch realised at an early stage the value of the home to people,” says Frank Göring, “and therefore shaped the vision that we are pursuing today: making houses into homes.” Whether you are enjoying the timeless beauty within your own four walls or are on a trip around the world, you feel at home wherever Villeroy & Boch is.

Classic meets modern chic: The 2023 anniversary year

“275 years of Villeroy & Boch simultaneously celebrates heritage and future,” emphasises Frank Göring. “We are proud of this special company anniversary and look forward to celebrating it together with our employees, customers and partners worldwide and to continuing to write our success story.”

In the anniversary year, the company will present very special product highlights and limited editions. Dining & Lifestyle is presenting a new La Boule: The successful reinterpretation of Helen von Boch’s “Die Kugel” [The Sphere] from the 1970s was designed with a reinterpretation of the classic copperplate decor Paradiso for the anniversary. This is a sensational piece for the anniversary that is only available in limited edition.

275 stories: 275 years of Villeroy & Boch

In addition to products and innovations, a legacy that spans 275 years includes the designs, stories and emotions of people and artists closely linked to the company.

Famous people, including artists such as Helmut Newton and design legends such as Luigi Colani, adorn the company’s history. To celebrate the anniversary and to lift a curtain to the company’s history and the often exciting, humorous and sometimes surprising history and events behind the scenes of an iconic brand, Villeroy & Boch is sharing ‘275 Stories’.

Join us as we celebrate the journey from our roots in 1748 to the modern era and experience in ‘275 Years Creating Homes’: https://www.villeroy-boch.de/275-years.html

Photos for download: https://cs.villeroy-boch.com/openshare/ae45c639


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Villeroy & Boch 

Villeroy & Boch is one of the world’s leading premium brands for ceramic products. The family business, which was founded in 1748 and is headquartered in Mettlach, Germany, stands for innovation, tradition and exceptional style. As a renowned lifestyle brand, Villeroy & Boch offers products from the sectors Bathroom and Wellness and Dining & Lifestyle, and is active in 125 countries.