PlanRadar. Cloud-based construction management platform PlanRadar announces its Australian expansion

Cloud-based construction management platform PlanRadar
announces its Australian expansion 

PlanRadar, a leading digital field management platform for the global construction industry, has entered the Australian market. Since launching in Austria in 2013, PlanRadar has experienced phenomenal growth, increasing its global revenue by 250 per cent and extending its footprint to 65 countries in the past 18 months alone.

PlanRadar’s success has been fueled by the construction industry’s demand for increasing efficiencies, data-driven digital project management and higher-quality, defect-free build completions. In Australia, it’s estimated that building defects currently cost the nation $2.5 billion every year. (1)

Bart Crowther, Regional Lead—Australia, PlanRadar, said, “Australia is a rapidly expanding new market for the PlanRadar business. We’re starting to see strong interest across the construction sector for digital management solutions that can help manage the growing pipeline of building and infrastructure projects, especially where quality assurance and defect management are particularly rigorous.”

PlanRadar’s mobile, cloud-based technology increases transparency and efficiency at every stage of the build, from conception to completion, by giving contractors the power to markup designs, run instant reports, view BIM models and floor plans, and gain detailed insight into what is happening in real time.

The benefits of digitised workflow management include increased efficiency and profitability, with PlanRadar customers reporting average time savings of up to seven hours per week.

The platform also empowers users with the ability to seamlessly manage building information modeling  (BIM) and plans in one central location. Users can access plans and BIM models on the go from mobile devices and ensures everyone is working from the most recent plans regardless of location. PlanRadar also delivers the capability to instantly share new versions and collaborate on-plan using markups and in-app communication for seamless plan management.

A unique feature of PlanRadar is its reporting capabilities, with the ability to dive deeper into real-time data to create reports and pull out key project insights within seconds. The user can view, segment, and export live project data at any time to see project progress unfiltered and unedited. The platform also lets users sync documents and approvals across devices (regardless of location) to eliminate delays in document management.

PlanRadar also delivers benefits to facility managers and property managers . Users can optimise their portfolios using real-time information on building performance, as well as track team resources and facilitate streamlined communication with the support of a secure and transparent audit trail built into the platform.

Bart Crowther said, “Whether laying the foundations of a building or scheduling facility maintenance, PlanRadar empowers its users to connect entire teams, from engineers, to electrical contractors, to fire inspection teams, with ready access to plans, reports, and insights to ensure high-quality project completion.

“Digital transformation is happening every day for organisations in construction and infrastructure, but many businesses are still getting weighed down using pens, paper, and spreadsheets to manage complex builds and projects. Embracing modern, secure, cloud-based technology like PlanRadar lets companies build a digital workforce that’s future-ready and capable of more flexible, agile, and profitable project management.”

PlanRadar is privacy and data protection rights compliant and ISO27001-certified, which provides comprehensive protection and confidentiality of information while ensuring all technical and organisational data management procedures are of the highest standard.

Bart Crowther said, “Customer security is paramount, and PlanRadar is bolstered by essential security measures to keep data and information protected from threat actors. PlanRadar delivers privacy protection to users’ fingertips, and employs multifactor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), custom expiring password policies, and encryption at rest among other protections to keep user and customer data safe onsite, in the office, and wherever PlanRadar is used.”

PlanRadar is available now for businesses across Australia, with monthly or annual plans for every level of business including Basic, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise licenses.

About PlanRadar 

PlanRadar is a cloud-based SaaS management platform for documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects. It can be used for fault and task management, maintenance, building inspections, construction documentation, handovers, and more. Using a web application or apps for all smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, and Windows), teams can share digital floor plans or BIM models, communicate, and track any kind of information. By digitising workflows, PlanRadar reduces the frequency of errors, saves time for all parties involved, and enables enormous increases in efficiency: customers report saving up to 7 working hours a week. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the company now enables more than 120,000 users from 65+ countries to track, connect and solve on Construction, Mining and Real Estate projects world-wide.

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