Uniden new dual-lens Cam Solo Pano security camera

Uniden has released the ultimate wirefree smart home surveillance device offering enhanced features for homeowners looking to prevent crime and deter criminals both at home and when away.

The new dual-lens App Cam Solo Pano with 3K resolution is a 100 per cent wire-free Wi-Fi and spotlight-enabled security camera that is built to discourage criminals, day or night and function for prolonged periods without needing to be recharged. The powerful 440 Lumens Spotlight will ensure the whole area is light up when a person or vehicle enters it frame.

The long-lasting rechargeable battery has 120 days of standby time without being plugged in. Homeowners who opt to connect their App Cam PANO to a Uniden solar panel (Included) will receive non-stop power, with the battery recharging during daylight. This makes it the ideal security companion for those who want the peace of mind that anyone within 30 meters and 170-degree radius of the camera will not only be caught on video, but alerted that they have been seen, and the homeowner notified.

The 170-degree wide field of view is the result of the App Cam Solo Pano’s powerful twin lenses. Users can easily view what their App Cam Solo Pano is capturing remotely from any smartphone device, controlling the two displays at the same time via the Solo App to have a 170-degree wide field of view outside their homes.

If an intruder enters the field of view, the camera immediately activates thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), which gives the App Cam Solo Pano the ability to distinguish between a person ,vehicle and animal. The camera’s rapid wakeup accurately alerts homeowners through immediate notifications while at the same time reducing false alarms.

Uniden’s Thermo Sense is an advanced feature that detects motion from people as opposed to movement from trees, further reducing false alarms and giving homeowners the ability to act quickly, triggering a siren alert or broadcasting a personalised voice alert if the spotlight is triggered or motion detected. Users can also immediately notify the police when needed.

The powerful motion-activated spotlight is supplemented with colour night vision, which is enabled through a CMOS sensor. With the passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) spotlight built into the camera, clearer night vision is captured – in colour – up to 30 metres.

A motion detection record saves all motion events, including AI-detected events, on a micro-SD card or Uniden Cloud for later playback. The App Cam Solo Pano Kit comes with seven days of free backups and cloud storage, although this can be extended through paid plans. This allows users to stream the camera in real-time or view, record, and playback videos at 3K (6MP) resolution, comparing videos, alerts and motion detection over an extended period to identify repeat intruders or to provide video footage to police for identification purposes.

Key features

  • 100% wirefree over Wi-Fi
  • Dual Lens – Double The Coverage
  • Solar power compatible (Solar Panel Included)
  • rechargeable battery with 120 days standby time
  • low-battery notifications
  • rapid wake-up
  • colour night vision
  • 170° viewing angle with dual lens and dual view
  • thermo sense technology
  • 3K (6MP) resolution to view, record and playback video
  • SD Card and 7 days free cloud backup and storage
  • weatherproof design
  • AI intelligent alerts
  • customised voice-recordable alerts
  • siren alert trigger
  • motion detection record
  • privacy masking to black out areas within the camera’s view
  • black out areas within the camera’s view that you don’t want to be recorded.

Uniden App Cam PANO RRP: $599.95 AUD

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